Alderbrook Community Church is a Christian church with a welcoming and real community that is open to anyone. They offer a variety of engaging programs for all ages.

Project Goals

→ Re-branding of logo

→ Customized and highly optimized WordPress theme

→ Operational donations page to accept online donations

→ Displaying multiple pictures and providing a welcoming look

→ Re-implementing social media platforms in a way that allowed viewers to easily interact

→ Providing and managing domain and website hosting services

With an organization built on teaching and interacting while growing a great community, we were happy to jump on and help out Alderbrook Community Church with re-branding their digital presence. Alderbrook had a site that was built when they first started in 2001 so it was very dated, and we worked with them to create a responsive and high-quality Wordpress platform for their online audience. This site provides an easy-to-browse and high quality user experience, and offers information in an organized manner. Though they maintain many of their informational pages and blogs, we built some of the core pages alongside their site theme.

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