Located in the hub of historic Downtown Abbotsford, Bee Chic Boutique is a unique and inclusive environment that welcomes individuals to create a unique sense of style.

Project Goals

→ Designing a platform that informs audience and attracts them to the business

→ Advanced search engine optimization to reach the targeted demographic

→ Simplistic theme with a look that represents the business

→ Social media promotion to initiate viewer interaction

→ Providing and managing domain and website hosting services

Reaching out to meet while the business was still under development, Bee Chic Boutique wanted to create their brand identity and stand out among the competition on a local scale. We designed their website and helped them with promoting their business during launch, and have been maintaining it ever since. Through the creation of a simple content-providing experience on their website as requested and highly optimized search engine optimization, they have been achieving great success in promotion and outreach in the Fraser Valley. 

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