PurelyNeon is an e-commerce store that specializes in custom neon signs, targeting a global market. Vasdev Design developed a modern digital e-commerce store along with high-quality graphics for their brand identity and products. 


Website Design & Development

We were tasked with creating a new website that was sleek and modern, accepted online payments, and displayed high-quality graphics.

Brand Identity

We helped PurelyNeon establish their complete brand identity. This included their company logo, graphics, and website design.


As part of a highly-competitive industry, PurelyNeon has an ongoing SEO plan to beat the competition in search results.


Style Concept

Vasdev Design worked with PurelyNeon to create their digital brand from start to finish. Starting with a high-quality logo crafted with their preferred orange color theme, the end result was a strong, catchy and complete website that attracted their target audience. We mixed various placements and designed product mock-ups that were easy to select from and checkout with. The site is also fully compatible with all devices.


Online Checkout & Payments

As an e-commerce store, the most important part for PurelyNeon was the ability to accept digital payments. We built a smooth and flawless checkout system that integrates PayPal and cryptocurrency transactions through a plugin called “WooCommerce”, making it easy for customers to place orders and receive their items with just a few clicks.



The end result for PurelyNeon was a flawless platform that customers can purchase neon signs from that are delivered straight to their door. Vasdev Design placed extra effort into creating the “vibe” that PurelyNeon was looking for, something that intrigues potential customers as a first look and then successfully converts them.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing project as the neon sign industry is highly competitive, so PurelyNeon has an ongoing SEO plan with Vasdev Design in order to bring out the best results and beat the competition.