Graphic Design



Graphic design encapsulates a business and establishes a brands identity, and we are here to help you make that identity a positive one. Putting in the extra time for thought and research allows for high-quality creative, unique, and empowering outcomes with graphics, and Vasdev Design is here accomplish that for you.

Business Representation

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. The ability to convey a message to your customers that is consistent, clear and effective and more valuable then anything. Throughout the process of creating a high-quality result that is both attractive and informative to your audience, we will utilize your input in our proposed options to present a valuable result that will forever be an asset to your business.

Brand Identity

Having a powerful brand identity will help you articulate your value proposition to your customers more effectively. Your logo is often the first connection that people make with your business, so it’s critical to make that connection count. There is no secret formula to creating a perfect logo; though it may be something simple, it still takes research, creative thinking and a clear understanding of the value of a business.

Print Design

Keeping high-quality visuals consistent across ever point of contact that you have with your customers is essential to developing a strong brand identity. We employ designers that ae experienced in helping brands translate their value proposition onto not only social media images, but also vehicle wraps, posters, business cards, product packaging and so much more.


Strategic Logo Design

Allow our team to help you create an image that is powerful and pleasing. Create something that makes your impression count and gets your brand's value proposition to your customers.

From $250 CAD

Social Media Content

Allow us to manage your social media platforms to communicate with your audience effectively and drive new viewers to your business. Social media content varies per business, but we are able to assign a dedicated team to putting out content for your business.

From $300/month


Various Print Designs

If you are looking to get a promotional materials printed, get in touch to have designs created for vehicle wraps, posters, business cards, product packaging and just about anything else.

From $250 CAD

Full Marketing Package

Allow us to take control of your digital strategy and help your business succeed. With our full marketing package, we will continue to optimize your website for search engines while also maintaining all of your social media accounts.

From $1,000/month