Basic website development packages include a core developed site with functional and responsive user interface. Databases among other back-end tasks are common with web development packages, but each will need to be discussed to cater to your individual project. Basic development packages only apply to sites consisting of 8 pages or less that require some form of database/user-interface work.

Advanced website development includes projects that require higher levels of interface development involving non-design languages (code excluding HTML & CSS). Variations exist within this category, but it primarily applies to realtors, blogs excluding WordPress, or other projects that need a coded ability for staff to post for the audience as well as websites with development of more than 8 pages.

Basic website design involves high quality designing of the hub of your brand identity. The basic projects include content-heavy projects where written information is provided by the business, and we optimize your brand theme to design the front-end of a generally simplistic website. Basic web design projects can have content writing requested, but the prices are highly variable depending on the client. 8 pages or less in total.

Advanced website design includes design-heavy websites that require designing of graphics and written content as well. We will thoroughly research your industry and create a theme that successfully establishes your brand identity in an positively unforgettable manner. Prices may still highly vary, but are open to discussion to figure out a price that fits your budget. Websites greater than 8 pages also fall here.

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